Mercenary scum, turncloaks, and etc. — 3rd ed. WIP

After a long wargaming hiatus I was finally able to crack open the 3rd edition rulebook. My hope was to find a home in the 3rd edition for several units from my beloved Dogs of War army. As it stands, here are the results:

First of all, I’ve finished painting up the Sandsnakes and their illustrious leader, the Spade. I am planning on running these as noblesse d’épée.

The Sandsnakes: 334 points.

9 Noblesse d’épée

Lance and Hand Weapon

Heavy Armour, Shields

Standard and Musician

w/ H. G. Evanander “the Spade”

un charmier (lv. 10)


Second, I have this unit of English Civil War era cavalry from Warlord Games. I have it in mind to run them as vanilla Border Horse Mercenaries. However, they could potentially serve as hand-crossbow wielding Chasseurs de la mort.

12 Border Horse Mercenary Warriors : 168 points.

Light Armour and Hand Weapons

Then there is this unit of dwarves from West Wind Productions (Dwarf Wars). I am currently planning on running them as vanilla dwarven mercenaries. Of course these would also make freaking awesome Norse Slayers. Unfortunately, the rulebook limits you to a total of 10 in your army, which dampens my general excitement for naked, bearded, axe-wielding maniacs.

23 Dwarf Mercenary Warriors: 352 points.

Standard and Musician

Lv.5 Hero

Then there is this giant from Reaper Miniatures. I love this miniature. I am just gonna go out on a limb and say that. I love this freaking thing.

1 Giant Mercenary: 250 points.

Finally, I have a unit of pikemen from my Marienburgian themed Dogs of War. The unit is a mix of Citadel and Wargames Foundry minis. I have several other units of pikes sitting on ice at the moment. In my opinion, however, these guys are too much fun to not include.

29 Marienburgian Mercenary Landsknechts: 377 points.

Pikes and Hand Weapons

Heavy Armour

Lv.10 Hero

All together that makes a cool 1491 points, which is pretty great. Sadly, running the above units as an army is completely illegal in the 3rd edition rules. So, I am planning on painting a small unit of 7 knights (chevaliers d’honneur) and a group of slaves (rascals) to round out the general “brettonian-ness ” of the army. One thing at a time… in somnis veritas.


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