1980s skaven army – part one

Greetings from Oxford!

At the grand age of 9 and a bit years back in 1991, I was fortunate enough to come across a range of stickers related to something called “Heroquest” (see somebody else’s amazing collection here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff2Zw7dhJkA)…  This was my entry drug into the wonderful world of Games Workshop which has waxed and waned ever since…   A short time later and I was fortunate to convince my parents to buy me a copy of Advanced Heroquest.  I very quickly became enamoured with those wonderfully furry chaotic monsters called “skaven” (the artwork in the advanced heroquest rulebook also helped immensely, a pdf can be found here: http://www.planetgamez.co.uk/ahq/ahq_core.pdf).  I tried to put together an army at the time, but alas, the funds available to most 10-11 years olds are rather limited (though try telling that to today’s Games Workshop).

Anyway, fast-forward to 2009 and after just finishing my PhD, I decided that I would treat myself and collect that (now “1980s OOP” – me too perhaps then?) skaven army that I never had as a kid.  A bunch of ebay purchases later and I’d amassed a pretty sizeable army…  Unfortunately, life then got in the way and the project got put on the back burner (I did however have some very fun games of Mordheim – the skaven special character is a bit over-powered!).

Into the 2012 present now and a couple of months ago I stumbled upon the “Oldhammer” community and this blog in particular: http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.co.uk/.  Being suitably inspired by all things Oldhammer and this awesome growing community, I dusted off my paint brushes and dug-out that old skaven army – this time determined to finish what I’d started many, many editions of Warhammer ago…

I’m currently slowly but surely painting up the army, and I’ll be post completely painted units up here as they are competed…  Who knows, at the end I might even do a classic “army” shot vis a vis Warhammer Armies (check just such photos here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/100191674/Warhammer-Armies).

First up, 4 rat ogres and 2 packmasters (171 3rd edition points):



Second up, 18 giant rats and 3 packmasters (including the model which would eventually inspire the special character “Throt the Unclean”; 64.5 3rd edition points):


Next up, 10 night runners with light armour, hand weapons, and extra hand weapons (all poisoned; 100 3rd edition points):


Finally, this first post is finished with a unit of jezzailachis (whatever happened to this word post 3rd edition warhammer and who had the cool but odd idea to give chaotic rats antiquated Afghani rifles??) .  Now the below picture shows five weapon teams, but the maximum is four in Warhammer 3rd edition (156 3rd edition points):


So all in all then, four units completed so far comprising 45-47 models and 491.5 (*heh!* – 0.5 points) 3rd edition points….  Only another 2508.5 (*heh!*) to go…

Coming next will be (amongst other things): a unit of ten gutter runners, six poisoned wind globadiers, and two warpfire thrower teams…


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